My Liberty Generator Review – Pros & Cons

Hello, I’m George and this is my own Liberty generator review a.k.a. what I think about these biogas generator building plans.

This is my unbiased Liberty generator review, for the official website click here.

Why am I writing this?

Just like so many people I am very enthusiastic about creating independent green solutions to everyday problems and knowing how to better survive on my own. I’m also always happy to find new ways to cut down costs of living, which a biogas electricity generator does very well.

What exactly is the liberty generator?

homemade biogas

It is a biogas electricity generator that uses your household’s organic waste and makes it into biogas which is then used for power generation.

In this review I will present the facts how I see them, good and bad because I don’t want to make one of those “everything is great” reviews, but also want to pinpoint the bad sides. Here are my pros and cons of this system.

Price: $49.97

Formats you get: Video and text guide

  • Will lower your electricity bill, the more gas you produce higher the savings
  • Cheap to build when building on a budget
  • Simple building process with clear instructions of every step
  • Scientifically proven method of energy production that simply works
  • 100% green method with no environmental hazards
  • Requires little upkeep once built
  • Can literally provide unlimited power indefinitely


  • People in urban environments might have a hard time getting organic material for decomposition
  • Will probably not cut your electricity bill 100% unless you use very little power
  • Some people might find it more expensive to build due to price differences of building materials and equipment needed
  • Is only an advisable project for people who are “into” this kind of thing
  • Requires some space to build outside your home
  • If you’re too lazy to put organic waste into it every week, this is not for you

There is more info available on the official site.

Click here to visit the official website and get more info.

Here’s a short video explaining what biogas is.

This concept is very old and the same technology is being used in many countries like India where people don’t have access to the modern power grid but do need power for heating and cooking.

Is Liberty Generator the real deal?

In short, yes it is. Biogas generators are nothing new and many people are already using them in America and elsewhere in the world, this concept works and it works well. If you put organic matter into a closed environment and catch the gases being produced at their decomposition then you will get flammable biogas.

The great thing is that it’s a simple technology that doesn’t require a lot of expert knowledge and anybody with some technical skill can build a generator like that at home for relatively little money.

Will it cut my electricity bill?

biogas generator pictureAbsolutely, as long as you, produce enough biogas for electricity production to make a considerable change in your bill.

This could be the only bad side of it, you constantly have to keep “feeding” it with new organic matter for it to work. If you stop putting in waste it will eventually stop being effective.

While there are no limits to what kind of organic matter you can use, some people might find it hard to come up with enough of it, especially if they live in a more urban environment. For those who live in the countryside this shouldn’t be a problem at all.

On the official site they claim you won’t have to pay for electricity anymore and while this could be true you would need a pretty big biogas generator or very small electricity consumption.

While it will cut down your electricity cost it will not completely eliminate it, unless you don’t use much of today’s electrical technology. Since we all have different needs for electricity this promise is a bit farfetched, as you’ll probably only cover a percentage of your power consumption with the biogas generator.

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How much does it cost to build? Is it really just $200?

From my experience it can be even less or much more, depending on how much stuff you already have laying around your house. Some people keep a lot of useful building materials that can be used for biogas generator while others don’t. If you look for the best prices, get some discounts or buy used equipment for peanuts, you can make the whole generator for around $200.

But if you are less savvy at getting good prices it may take more money, again depending on how big the generator you are building. Some people will complain it takes more money while some will spend even less… at least this is how I see it.

Is it really so simple to build?

Well as long as you know how to dig a hole in the ground and seal it, add some bought equipment per plans you are eligible to build it. It is not that hard as every step is described and you can help yourself with pictures and videos which clearly demonstrate the whole process.

All in all, if you are looking for a simple solution, that is harmless to the environment and costs relatively little money then Liberty generator plan can be of great value and can repay itself many times over.

What do I get with the Blueprint?

The whole process is explained in step by step videos showing you the first planning steps to the end of construction. Additionally you receive a written guide with pictures explaining everything in text, it is quite easy to understand and follow.

Some other technical knowledge is required, but you can easily get the instructions for free online. Just check Youtube.

Click here to watch the official video and grab your own Liberty generator.

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