Why You Should Have Your Own Biogas Generator

Why exactly would you want to build your own liberty generator and make your own electricity? Well there are a few reasons.

First one is that you don’t want to pay a lot of money every month for your electricity consumption and want to cut the bill. Making your electricity costs lower is probably the most common reason why people choose to create their own biogas generators. Not to mention, some people like a challenge to build something new that will make their life better, clean the environment, lower the power bill and make yourself proud.

While there are some limits to how much power you can generate out of one household’s waste, the end savings greatly outnumber the cost of building the generator yourself. This technology is free, doesn’t smell, is safe and can easily be used and set up by every person who knows something about building.

power gridThe other reason might be that you don’t want to rely on the grid power 100% and want to have some source of power in case the grid power goes off. In many remote areas there are times when you are without electricity because of fault on the power network that takes days to repair. In some cases people have their vacation homes in such remote places they don’t even have any electricity at all. In this case having a small biogas generator can make a great difference. The big advantage is the cost compared to a solar panel or a wind mill since those cost at least a few thousands of dollars, you can make your own biogas generator for a few hundred bucks.

Another reason would be if you had a lot of waste to work with, if you are living on a farm and have access to a lot of animal manure which can be used for energy production and then used as a fertilizer as well. A lot of farms are already using this technology to get some free energy fir their needs. The building process is simple and easy to do even by inexperienced people, you can even test out the concept first on a smaller scale.

Make a small scale liberty generator out of a water tank and see how it works and how much biogas it produces, then you can replicate the process on a bigger scale to get more benefit.

Is the cost to build one really this low?

It absolutely can be, it all comes down to how big it is and what kind of materials you use. If you will get the most expensive materials and gear to build it then you’ll have to spend more money, but the general rule is that you can build a medium sized biogas generator for a few hundred dollars, no more. There are many people who have already done this for very little money and there are some who spent more money to make it.

You can hire construction crews to do the job for you with their machines and build it out of best materials, but it will cost you money. It all comes down to your future plans, do you intend to have the generator for a long time or just a few years and don’t care if you have to spend a few dollars on maintenance to keep it working.

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