About me

Hi this is a short about me page.

mypictureI’m 36 years old married man with four children from South Carolina. My family greatly enjoys spending time outside, like camping in the nature or simply taking a hike.

I would say I’m environmentally conscious person who understands the need to stop polluting our world and employ greener solutions in our lifestyle.

I’m also a bit of a nerd and like to “play” with my own little projects from building a tree house, playing with various toys with my kids to building a biogas unit.

In the picture to the left I’m just climbing out of the biodigester chamber that was built as a part of a bigger biogas producing facility.

I was always interested in “green” solutions and technologies and a friend of mine was working with this project and let me take a loot.I said; “Sure why not” put up my “cave light” and went exploring.

I didn’t learn much more by climbing in the digester, but it was quite fun. This project is run by a small local company, but would be too big to build for one household usage.

Unless you have 20 children and you throw a lot of food away because they’re so picky. That would probably work, maybe.

You can find out how the biogas generator works, read more about me reviewing liberty generator and some other interesting stuff related to the topic. Please leave a comment or fill in a short poll to help me make this website better.

You can personally contact me at: admin@jointhehoop.com (the same email is provided on contact page).

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