3 Ways Of Producing Electricity At Home

When it comes to the electricity bills we always want it to be lower than it actually is. Since we are so used of all of our appliances, TVs, computers and some light in the middle of the night we use electricity recklessly without much care of how much we use it. this is the reason we are often negatively surprised when the bill comes and it’s bigger than we would want. This is usually the reason when people start thinking about cutting their electricity bill by either using less power or by creating your own electricity.

When it comes to everyday life you simply cannot live without electricity, using the light in the middle of the night is a standard nobody in this country is deprived of, using electric appliances to help out with the work at home is also something no housekeeper would be willing to give up.

Even less people would give up their TVs or laptops to save on the electricity bill. So the most convenient way to save is to get newer and more energy efficient light bulbs, house appliances etc., but this all costs a lot of money, not to mention the actual savings are usually minimal. If you want to change a regular light bulb with a LED one you will have to spend 5 times more for each light bulb which can get quite expensive for your whole home.

Is there another option?

There is another option, producing your own energy. Depending on where you live some governments are giving subsidies to homeowners who want to install solar panels on their roofs. But since not everybody is a home owner this solution is not an option for a lot of people since they don’t own their own roofs. Not to mention the initial investment need to install solar panels.

You will have to pay at least $5000 for solar panels to produce around 5000 watts of power on clear bright days. You have to include the installing costs and other necessary equipment and you are close to $10 000 which is a lot of money many people don’t have. Now if you are in one of those countries where you get subsidies for solar panels or energy produces by solar panels your whole expenses will be a bit lower, but in the end you can get many years’ worth of electricity for the same amount of money. With solar panels you depend on the weather and the strength of the sun. Some areas get very little sunlight and are not suitable for solar panel energy production.

home windmillThe second way you can produce clean free energy is by a windmill. There is a wide variety of sizes and designs of wind mills with different noise levels and energy production capacity.

You can get windmills for $500 or as much as $10 000 or more depending on your needs. While the $5000 windmill will produce around 2-2,5kW of electricity which can cover half of all your electricity needs or even more if you live in a small house.

The only problem is that these windmills require wind which again is not consistent in all areas of the world, in fact most of the areas people live in are no exactly suitable for effective windmills electricity production. Not to mention that the noise these mills produce can greatly diminish the comfort of your home and make life unbearable.

The third option is to use natural gases for electricity production with something like liberty generator that runs on gases that your household is already producing but not using its potential for energy production.

For those of you who don’t know what a liberty generator is, it’s a homemade biogas generator that produces electricity. While it is claimed you can make it for less than $100 the cost really depends on how big your “generator” you want to have. Most of the things you need you probably already have somewhere around your house or you can get for very little money.

If you have bigger energy needs you will require a bigger hut and more and better equipment that will cost you more money. The concept with liberty generator is very simple and proven in larger biogas production facilities. The blueprint from this system is small enough to build on your own for your own personal needs. It needs very little maintenance and doesn’t require sunlight or wind to function, only some waste your household is already producing.

In the end you can choose from all 3 proven ways of producing your own electricity and cutting the costs of your household. While there are some specific requirements and a considerable investment required for the first two you can make your own biogas energy “generator” or also called liberty generator for very little money.


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