My Liberty Generator Review – Pros & Cons

Hello, I’m George and this is my own Liberty generator review a.k.a. what I think about these biogas generator building plans.

This is my unbiased Liberty generator review, for the official website click here.

Why am I writing this?

Just like so many people I am very enthusiastic about creating independent green solutions to everyday problems and knowing how to better survive on my own. I’m also always happy to find new ways to cut down costs of living, which a biogas electricity generator does very well.

What exactly is the liberty generator?

homemade biogas

It is a biogas electricity generator that uses your household’s organic waste and makes it into biogas which is then used for power generation.

In this review I will present the facts how I see them, good and bad because I don’t want to make one of those “everything is great” reviews, but also want to pinpoint the bad sides. Here are my pros and cons of this system.

Price: $49.97

Formats you get: Video and text guide

  • Will lower your electricity bill, the more gas you produce higher the savings
  • Cheap to build when building on a budget
  • Simple building process with clear instructions of every step
  • Scientifically proven method of energy production that simply works
  • 100% green method with no environmental hazards
  • Requires little upkeep once built
  • Can literally provide unlimited power indefinitely


  • People in urban environments might have a hard time getting organic material for decomposition
  • Will probably not cut your electricity bill 100% unless you use very little power
  • Some people might find it more expensive to build due to price differences of building materials and equipment needed
  • Is only an advisable project for people who are “into” this kind of thing
  • Requires some space to build outside your home
  • If you’re too lazy to put organic waste into it every week, this is not for you

There is more info available on the official site.

Click here to visit the official website and get more info.

Here’s a short video explaining what biogas is.

This concept is very old and the same technology is being used in many countries like India where people don’t have access to the modern power grid but do need power for heating and cooking.

Is Liberty Generator the real deal?

In short, yes it is. Biogas generators are nothing new and many people are already using them in America and elsewhere in the world, this concept works and it works well. If you put organic matter into a closed environment and catch the gases being produced at their decomposition then you will get flammable biogas.

The great thing is that it’s a simple technology that doesn’t require a lot of expert knowledge and anybody with some technical skill can build a generator like that at home for relatively little money.

Will it cut my electricity bill?

biogas generator pictureAbsolutely, as long as you, produce enough biogas for electricity production to make a considerable change in your bill.

This could be the only bad side of it, you constantly have to keep “feeding” it with new organic matter for it to work. If you stop putting in waste it will eventually stop being effective.

While there are no limits to what kind of organic matter you can use, some people might find it hard to come up with enough of it, especially if they live in a more urban environment. For those who live in the countryside this shouldn’t be a problem at all.

On the official site they claim you won’t have to pay for electricity anymore and while this could be true you would need a pretty big biogas generator or very small electricity consumption.

While it will cut down your electricity cost it will not completely eliminate it, unless you don’t use much of today’s electrical technology. Since we all have different needs for electricity this promise is a bit farfetched, as you’ll probably only cover a percentage of your power consumption with the biogas generator.

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How much does it cost to build? Is it really just $200?

From my experience it can be even less or much more, depending on how much stuff you already have laying around your house. Some people keep a lot of useful building materials that can be used for biogas generator while others don’t. If you look for the best prices, get some discounts or buy used equipment for peanuts, you can make the whole generator for around $200.

But if you are less savvy at getting good prices it may take more money, again depending on how big the generator you are building. Some people will complain it takes more money while some will spend even less… at least this is how I see it.

Is it really so simple to build?

Well as long as you know how to dig a hole in the ground and seal it, add some bought equipment per plans you are eligible to build it. It is not that hard as every step is described and you can help yourself with pictures and videos which clearly demonstrate the whole process.

All in all, if you are looking for a simple solution, that is harmless to the environment and costs relatively little money then Liberty generator plan can be of great value and can repay itself many times over.

What do I get with the Blueprint?

The whole process is explained in step by step videos showing you the first planning steps to the end of construction. Additionally you receive a written guide with pictures explaining everything in text, it is quite easy to understand and follow.

Some other technical knowledge is required, but you can easily get the instructions for free online. Just check Youtube.

Click here to watch the official video and grab your own Liberty generator.

How to Get Free Electricity

Is free electricity possible?

Free electricity can be obtained from various sources of power such as solar, wind, biogas and water. These sources have become so popular because they act as backup power during emergencies to provide a family’s basic needs such as water, refrigeration and even heat.

To get free electricity for your own household you can either buy or make your own free power generator. You can buy a windmill, a solar panel or make your own biogas generator.

While windmills and solar panels require lots of wind or lots of sunlight and cost a few thousand dollars, you can use the cheaper option. Building a biogas generator doesn’t require that much money nor does it depend on the location for natural power.

You can make your own power anywhere you are even if there is no wind or little sunlight. The only thing you need is biodegradable material which we usually pay to get rid of.

How can I get free electricity?

You can spend a few thousands of dollars to buy a windmill or solar panel if you get lots of wind throughout the year or get a lot of sunlight for the panels. If you don’t have access to these, then you have to choose another option. A biogas generator can be built in any location.

Power can be produced from your own household biogas generator. You will need to have a small tank where the gas will be stored for future burning. Once enough gas accumulates you simply run the generator with it. This way you get free electricity, potentially forever.

This small project will cost you a few hundred dollars at most, even less if you have some car parts and other stuff lying around your house.

Biogas is simply a mixture of different gases produced by the decomposition of organic matter without oxygen. Biogas can be produced from raw materials such as agricultural waste, waste from sewage, plant materials, fruit waste etc. Other materials will mostly include manure, food waste or garden and lawn waste. It is considered a renewable source of energy.

Biogas in most cases primarily consists of methane, carbon dioxide, small amounts of hydrogen sulphide and moisture. The gases can be burned using oxygen. The energy that is released from it is what allows biogas to be used as a fuel. It can be used for any purposes of heating and even in cooking or both. It can also be used in converting the energy in the gas into electricity and heat.

Where can I get the building plans if I’m not a technical type?

There are building plans available online that are suitable even for people starting from scratch. While free plans require some testing and prior experience, a thorough building plan like Liberty generator answers all the problems you might have.

Liberty Generator is Abel Thomas’s concept of low budget power production suitable for an average person. This method makes use of many materials that are found around someone’s house and are seldom used for anything else.

With unwanted vehicle components and general products from your local hardware shop, you can create the Liberty generator very quickly.

This generator can be made using very simple tools and equipment. No expert or expensive tools and knowledge are required. Every step of the building process is shown in pictures, video and text to make for best comprehension.

What are the requirements of building your own free electricity generator?

biodigester diagramFirst of all, you’ll need some space in your backyard or somewhere close to your house for the actual digester and the generator. A small patch of land will do the job just fine. This is probably not an option for people living in dense urban locations, but for those in suburbia and countryside this shouldn’t be a problem.

The main components of a digester generator are:

  • Inlet pipe
  • Digester tank
  • Gas holder tank
  • Slurry outlet pipe
  • Gas outlet pipe

It is important to make sure all the components are without faults and don’t leak. A leaking gas pipe won’t do you much good and can make it seems like the generator doesn’t work. Then you will lose all enthusiasm and cancel the project.

To set it up, one needs some fresh cement, clean sand, medium size clean gravel, clean water, bricks and stones. You will also need quality gas pipes to reduce gas leakage as well as the cost. Tools needed are a shovel for spreading the cement, a peg, a cord whose length is the same as the radius of the digester and emulsion paint coating.

The supply of fresh organic material is crucial. If you stop feeding it organic material for decomposition, the generator will stop working.

Thankfully we all have some organic waste in the form of kitchen waste, old food, cut grass from the lawn and if you have animals, animal manure works very well as well.

Anything organic that will decompose is suitable for use in the biodigester.

Is biogas an effective way of producing free electricity?

Biogas is being used on large scale in many countries for energy production. These big biogas power plants use the organic waste from many households and produce a considerable amount of energy.

In many ecofriendly and rich countries like Sweden you can already see many power plants like these. Because of their long term potential this industry is still growing globally and we are bound to see more of this technology in the future.

For you household needs you can’t really expect to cover all your power electricity just from average organic waste you produce per month. On average you’ll be able to save a few hundred dollars with an efficient biogas generator.

But for households with more organic waste you can make a bigger generator that can dramatically lower the power bill or eliminate it all together. Some very big farmers are already using this technology to make money selling power as a side product of their main agricultural business.

Summarized Process of Building a Biogas Generator

digester process explainedMost of us like the idea of producing power free of charge and without polluting the environment at our home backyards. Today, thanks to “biogas to power” technology, this is possible for everyone. Not only is this technology being massively used in less developed countries like India, but it is becoming of great use to many people in the developed world a s well.

If you are one of those people who understand the importance of keeping your environment clean and free of pollution, then this kind of project might be perfect for you. Having passion for tinkering and building things yourself will help you as well. Maybe you have your own garage with plenty of tools, some free space in your backyard and you would like to lower your electricity bill? Starting your own biogas digester project can be great fun that pays for itself.

Making your own biogas digester, which is a part of the Liberty generator, is very simple, especially if you make a small sized one first just to test the method. Below are the simple steps you have to take to make your own small scale gas digester from stuff you can buy for peanuts. Cost efficiency is always important and if you have a way to test things before making them bigger and expensive, it is really a no brainer.

plastic barrel for digesterHere is the simple process of making your own biogas digester:

  • First you find a suitable container for the small scale digester. It can be an airproof box or a plastic barrel that was previously used for something else. The important thing is that it has no holes in it and won’t leak out or leak in air. Make sure the cover fits tightly and won’t leak as well.
  • The next step is to make a hole for the gas to go out of the digester, make with any electric tool or if you are using the plastic barrel you can also use a hot rod to make the hole. Position it on top as the gas will go up in the above container of gas.
  • The third step is to set up the biogas container, again it has to be airproof and put above the digester to catch all the gas. You can connect the two with a tube or some other similar equipment.
  • After that you can put in organic material in the digester for decomposition and seal it airtight. You have to create an anaerobic environment which means you can’t let any air in for the bacteria to work properly. Once the manure or other organic material is in, let it work for 10 to 15 days or so. If you open the digester in the meantime you will damage the environment bacteria needs for gas production.

This is a very simple concept you can try at home. The whole gas digester in Liberty generator is a bit more complicated to build, but also much easier to use once built. While you don’t need any special equipment for the test you will need some specialized gear you can get in any home depot stores in your neighborhood.

As said earlier, it is a good idea to make a small biogas digester at a much smaller scale to learn how to make it work properly for most efficient gas production. It takes some effort for a complete newbie to learn it, but once you do you have a great little asset you can use to save money and make the world cleaner in the process.

Here is a short video how to make a very small and simple biogas digester similar to Liberty generator, but with much smaller capacity and unstable environment.


Why You Should Have Your Own Biogas Generator

Why exactly would you want to build your own liberty generator and make your own electricity? Well there are a few reasons.

First one is that you don’t want to pay a lot of money every month for your electricity consumption and want to cut the bill. Making your electricity costs lower is probably the most common reason why people choose to create their own biogas generators. Not to mention, some people like a challenge to build something new that will make their life better, clean the environment, lower the power bill and make yourself proud.

While there are some limits to how much power you can generate out of one household’s waste, the end savings greatly outnumber the cost of building the generator yourself. This technology is free, doesn’t smell, is safe and can easily be used and set up by every person who knows something about building.

power gridThe other reason might be that you don’t want to rely on the grid power 100% and want to have some source of power in case the grid power goes off. In many remote areas there are times when you are without electricity because of fault on the power network that takes days to repair. In some cases people have their vacation homes in such remote places they don’t even have any electricity at all. In this case having a small biogas generator can make a great difference. The big advantage is the cost compared to a solar panel or a wind mill since those cost at least a few thousands of dollars, you can make your own biogas generator for a few hundred bucks.

Another reason would be if you had a lot of waste to work with, if you are living on a farm and have access to a lot of animal manure which can be used for energy production and then used as a fertilizer as well. A lot of farms are already using this technology to get some free energy fir their needs. The building process is simple and easy to do even by inexperienced people, you can even test out the concept first on a smaller scale.

Make a small scale liberty generator out of a water tank and see how it works and how much biogas it produces, then you can replicate the process on a bigger scale to get more benefit.

Is the cost to build one really this low?

It absolutely can be, it all comes down to how big it is and what kind of materials you use. If you will get the most expensive materials and gear to build it then you’ll have to spend more money, but the general rule is that you can build a medium sized biogas generator for a few hundred dollars, no more. There are many people who have already done this for very little money and there are some who spent more money to make it.

You can hire construction crews to do the job for you with their machines and build it out of best materials, but it will cost you money. It all comes down to your future plans, do you intend to have the generator for a long time or just a few years and don’t care if you have to spend a few dollars on maintenance to keep it working.

3 Ways Of Producing Electricity At Home

When it comes to the electricity bills we always want it to be lower than it actually is. Since we are so used of all of our appliances, TVs, computers and some light in the middle of the night we use electricity recklessly without much care of how much we use it. this is the reason we are often negatively surprised when the bill comes and it’s bigger than we would want. This is usually the reason when people start thinking about cutting their electricity bill by either using less power or by creating your own electricity.

When it comes to everyday life you simply cannot live without electricity, using the light in the middle of the night is a standard nobody in this country is deprived of, using electric appliances to help out with the work at home is also something no housekeeper would be willing to give up.

Even less people would give up their TVs or laptops to save on the electricity bill. So the most convenient way to save is to get newer and more energy efficient light bulbs, house appliances etc., but this all costs a lot of money, not to mention the actual savings are usually minimal. If you want to change a regular light bulb with a LED one you will have to spend 5 times more for each light bulb which can get quite expensive for your whole home.

Is there another option?

There is another option, producing your own energy. Depending on where you live some governments are giving subsidies to homeowners who want to install solar panels on their roofs. But since not everybody is a home owner this solution is not an option for a lot of people since they don’t own their own roofs. Not to mention the initial investment need to install solar panels.

You will have to pay at least $5000 for solar panels to produce around 5000 watts of power on clear bright days. You have to include the installing costs and other necessary equipment and you are close to $10 000 which is a lot of money many people don’t have. Now if you are in one of those countries where you get subsidies for solar panels or energy produces by solar panels your whole expenses will be a bit lower, but in the end you can get many years’ worth of electricity for the same amount of money. With solar panels you depend on the weather and the strength of the sun. Some areas get very little sunlight and are not suitable for solar panel energy production.

home windmillThe second way you can produce clean free energy is by a windmill. There is a wide variety of sizes and designs of wind mills with different noise levels and energy production capacity.

You can get windmills for $500 or as much as $10 000 or more depending on your needs. While the $5000 windmill will produce around 2-2,5kW of electricity which can cover half of all your electricity needs or even more if you live in a small house.

The only problem is that these windmills require wind which again is not consistent in all areas of the world, in fact most of the areas people live in are no exactly suitable for effective windmills electricity production. Not to mention that the noise these mills produce can greatly diminish the comfort of your home and make life unbearable.

The third option is to use natural gases for electricity production with something like liberty generator that runs on gases that your household is already producing but not using its potential for energy production.

For those of you who don’t know what a liberty generator is, it’s a homemade biogas generator that produces electricity. While it is claimed you can make it for less than $100 the cost really depends on how big your “generator” you want to have. Most of the things you need you probably already have somewhere around your house or you can get for very little money.

If you have bigger energy needs you will require a bigger hut and more and better equipment that will cost you more money. The concept with liberty generator is very simple and proven in larger biogas production facilities. The blueprint from this system is small enough to build on your own for your own personal needs. It needs very little maintenance and doesn’t require sunlight or wind to function, only some waste your household is already producing.

In the end you can choose from all 3 proven ways of producing your own electricity and cutting the costs of your household. While there are some specific requirements and a considerable investment required for the first two you can make your own biogas energy “generator” or also called liberty generator for very little money.


How Biogas Generator Works?

Biogas generator is a facility which produces biogas that can be later used for heating, cooking or making electricity. Biogas is mostly made of methane but also other gases and is produced by microorganisms also known as bacteria when they decompose other organic material. It is completely clean and renewable energy source and can be easily produced and used.

What is the concept?

Just like other organisms, bacteria or microorganisms have to eat too and while animals mostly produce manure the bacteria produce gases which burn and produce heat. When the concentration of these gases is high enough you can burn it and it will make a flame that can be used for something useful.

The biogas has been used for a few hundred years, even before electricity way invented. Gases from sewers were captures and used for public lighting or other uses. Another great thing about biogas is that it is completely safe to produce and there are no dangers involved. It has no effect on health if inhaled and emits no radiation.

But just like with any other fuel, wood or other gases you have to take certain precautions to use it safely. Just like you can burn down a house with wood accidents can happen with biogas. This is why biogas generators are usually built away from other buildings, not to mention it can be quite smelly, depending on what kind of organic material you use.

The best fuel for biogas generator is organic, vegetable, kitchen waste or animal manure. If built properly the generator won’t leak the bad smell that is created in the process of decomposition. Dead animals are not good for use as a fuel as they smell very badly and can attract wild predators.

Where is biogas created?

Biogas is created in a part called digester where we put organic, decomposing material to get processed by microorganisms while catching the produced biogas. We are using bacteria and their ability to produce biogas for our own benefit by ensuring good environment for their growth and procreation. This is why a constant flow of new organic material is needed if we want more biogas for our purposes. Once the organic material has been fully processed by the bacteria we can use it as a natural fertilizer, thus making more space in the digester for new biogas production.

Does biogas have bad smell?

No, contrary to popular belief biogas has no odor and no color and cannot be seen or sensed in natural environment unless you concentrate it and burn it. It mainly consists of CH4 and CO2.

Are there any disadvantages to biogas generator?

The one disadvantage is that it cannot be moved around and needs quite a lot of space to function properly.y if you are living in an urban environment with little space then you will only be able to build a small one with a lower capacity. Because the bacteria need quite a lot of organic material to produce a sizable biogas volume you need to make it quite big, thus needing space.

Another problem can be getting the organic material, if you are not living in a rural environment and don’t have animals then you’ll have a hard time coming up with all the possible “feed” for the bacteria, like animal manure, kitchen waste or cut grass etc. in case you do have animals this is a great solution how you can use animal manure for other purposes and not just for fertilizer.